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This blog was created to help and assist new udang galah freshwater prawn farmers, suppliers and buyers which could generate healthy business and investing relations, targeting Johor, Malaysia areas. I hope the content in this blog is useful and I will upgrade more udang galah links and suppliers with our new WEBSITE, will post update me at if you got any enquiries.....please support the udang galah aquaculture farming community.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

new batch of udang galah

its been very excited for me to release new batch of 30000 baby freshwater prawn into our pond last night, we really hope of great outcome from the production of this batch, and will uplift our morale and pave our way to become one of the leading commercial grower of udang galah in johor. i will upload some pictures soon..

4.30am releasing the prawn larvae

china made 1 HP paddle wheel

day view of our freshwater pond

Thursday, March 19, 2009

how to set up a small scale freshwater prawn farm series

dear reader, i will try to post step by step technique of how to set up a profitable small scale freshwater prawn farm or we called here udang galah, in series starting soon. So if any queries further from my post,please email me or type it on the cbox at the right hand side of this blog. please also note that the guides are meant for tropical climate, but i will compare from time to time with temperate climate grower technique.

the guides will be base on the following data contributor:

  • present grower/farmer
  • books
  • online published reports
  • department of fisheries
  • my own experience
  • related blogs
  • government websites
  • private aquaculture consultants
  • supplier of related products
special thanks to all the people who dedicate their lives for the developments of culturing freshwater prawn since 1950s in Malaysia and now the whole world can benefit from these research and development process... i will also add new links to some of the online publication so all of us will be an educated farmers and growers of giant freshwater prawns / udang galah...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

frozen freshwater prawn export to european countries

here some good news from today newspaper for our fellow freshwater prawn shrimp grower...

Wednesday March 18, 2009, The Star

Frozen seafood products cleared for export to EU

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian frozen seafood products have been cleared for export to the EU, said Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai.

The EU’s Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) has approved frozen seafood products from five Malay­sian companies and four farms after a visit which ended on March 12.

The FVO will next check on live sea catches.

The decision comes some 10 months after the Government suspended exports of seafood products to the EU, which had threatened a total ban after random checks on nine Malaysian companies exporting fishery products revealed poor health standards and practices.

“I am happy the FVO has cleared all the doubts and has readmitted Malaysia into the EU import list,” Liow told a press conference at Wisma MCA yesterday.

Liow said the approval process would normally take six weeks, but his ministry would expedite the process.

“We will get it done as soon as possible,” he said.

It is learnt that the nine companies accounted for about RM100mil worth of exports to the EU annually.

The whole frozen seafood industry to the EU, comprising some 15 exporters, is believed to be worth about RM600mil annually.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

how to transport LIVE freshwater prawn

our friend at trueaqua has post an interesting subject of how to transport live freshwater prawn or udang galah... for us in johor it would help us transport safely these precious cargo..please click links below:

LINKS to blog post

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

database of active farmers

i am collecting and documenting data for records and contact purposes of active farmers and hatcheries, hopefully this database will be valuable for investing the udang galah freshwater prawn farming community in Malaysia.

Data should include
  1. location
  2. contact person
  3. contact no
  4. size of farm
  5. how many ponds
  6. production capacity
  7. no. of workers
  8. which hatchery supply their PL
  9. etc.

please help me making this database workable and accurate by email me your details, or details of any farmers near you

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tank Freshwater Prawn Culture

original ideas: culture baby freshwater prawn udang galah inside simple tanks either poly, concrete or fibre material.

duration: 1 month

setting up: 2 nos x 100 gallon poly tank, 3 nos bubble blower, 2 nos simple pumps and change water every 3 days, 8 nos of pipe shelter using green nets


  • high content of sludge building up at the bottom of the tanks
  • high ammonia content at tank bottom
  • simple pump do not have enough suction power to filter the sludge
  • 100 gallon of water is not sufficient to cater large numbers of freshwater prawn udang galah


  1. larger tank with efficient suction power but gentle enough for the baby prawn
  2. Water should be change at least 20% every 2 days
  3. bio filter system should be consider as used in koi pond
  4. bottom of tanks should be able or have drain outlet
  5. high pressure blower with aero-tube should be use
  6. tank should be place higher to make draining bottom sludge more easily
  7. department of fisheries should have the technology as used in the hatchery complex

pro & cons:

  • saving valuable lands and could monitor growth of baby freshwater prawn
  • reduce risk of natural predator
  • to increase survival rates up to 90%
  • high cost on start-up and electricity
  • baby-sit the whole time

please comment if my findings was not accurate....