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This blog was created to help and assist new udang galah freshwater prawn farmers, suppliers and buyers which could generate healthy business and investing relations, targeting Johor, Malaysia areas. I hope the content in this blog is useful and I will upgrade more udang galah links and suppliers with our new WEBSITE, will post update me at if you got any enquiries.....please support the udang galah aquaculture farming community.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hi friends, glad to inform all of you that my new website is currently under

it will be pack with the followings:

  • freshwater prawn news
  • business links
  • advertisements
  • community portal
  • list and contact of farmers, hatcheries, and suppliers
  • links to related blogs, website, government bodies
  • seminars update and trainings for newbee
  • how to fish the udang galah, in pond and river (as suggested)
  • delicious recipes (as suggested)
  • events
I'm hoping this website can provide so much needed help on freshwater prawn industry as an INFORMATION HUB and community linkage to upgrade the business standard and quality of our beloved udang galah..please support me...