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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

great blog from fellow udang galah grower but in Malay

Please visit our fellow shrimp grower blog, they are season and well verse in the day to day operation, I'm still a rookie lol...

most of their discussion are in malay language but their pictures are superb. Enjoy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Supply of Udang Galah Post Larvae (PL)

It was fun doing what I do but writing here is a sure miss.

I would like to write about the supply of udang galah post larvae or PL. The size is so small, just over 2mm at average. First time I look at it, my thought was I will be loosing my money buying them.

But, they are strong and healthy after 5 months, fuhh!

In the West Malaysia, most suppliers are from the northern country (Perak and Kedah). They survive their business by waiting for orders before they start the breeding session. I do not have their full listings but few 'otai' growers do get their supplies from several suppliers.

I am in southern state so the nearest to me is Port Dickson, I do not remember his name but I think he already given his number in the live comments cbox.

You should not be afraid of the PL quality as long as the supplier are accredited by the fishery department. Please also consider receiving your prized PL at night and release them to your pond in the morning, this can increase the survival rate of your udang galah.

And remember to check whether you are buying the right food for your PL, it should be the fine granule! and the protein content is higher than the growing food.

Here some reference pictures from the internet.