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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My 1st freshwater prawn harvest

hi..I'm very tired and very excited when i have done my 1st harvest on Monday and Tuesday...


  1. duration of stocks - 4 month 3 weeks
  2. size average - 60gm
  3. total weight - 100kg @ 15% mortality
lesson learn:
  1. holding tanks should be wide and high supply of Dissolve Oxigen
  2. one day harvesting operations, not 2 preventing the prawn from molting
  3. bed of pond should be treated so harder surfaces at bottom
  4. plan and prepare earlier
  5. outlet pipe should be 2 or more
  6. 4 people to make sure smooth harvest
  7. nylon nets is more suitable
  8. grading the prawn to sizes when still in nets
  9. do not feed your stock 2 days prior harvest
very exciting event but no cameraman lah, I harvest myself. but got some low quality handphone vga pictures to be add up soon.

Wow .. hope those who interested in farming the udang galah should experience the joy soonest, catch the big blue claw with your own hand and palms! lots of scrath marks on my palm cause by their claw and knife like horn.

Thank you God.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

dead end but not fail

mmm.. still no luck on getting a suitable land..the NS land scrap..johor land still not confirm..but thats life..I will push forward to get my 3rd batch PL stocks before october...