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This blog was created to help and assist new udang galah freshwater prawn farmers, suppliers and buyers which could generate healthy business and investing relations, targeting Johor, Malaysia areas. I hope the content in this blog is useful and I will upgrade more udang galah links and suppliers with our new WEBSITE, will post update me at if you got any enquiries.....please support the udang galah aquaculture farming community.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Kolam Memancing Udang Galah Trueaqua

Newly open paypond park of freshwater prawn - baru dibuka hari sabtu dan saya antara pelanggan terawal (resit no 009) kolam memancing udang galah trueaqua di ulu bendul, seremban, negeri sembilan.

Hanya 2 jam dah dapat 13 ekor berat hampir 1 kg, power tu.. kepada tuan2 yang biasa memancing udang galah di sungai, kini tak risau kalau tak dapat sewa bot, cuaca tak baik ke, air sejuk ke, sila lah anda datang dan anda pasti dapat udang galah untuk dibawa pulang, sila klik link trueaqua ini

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Organic fertilizer for aquaculture

in recent years, we have been reminded of bio-chemical hazards that comes with our food, thats why the farmers and growers worldwide has wisely adapt to the consumer demand for healthier food products...

aquaculture and freshwater prawns culture must act and adapt to this new trends udang galah pond only used organic product that are safe for our stomach

i met a visionary organic fertiliser bumiputra manufacturer that produce high quality product matching the renown import brands in the market, backed by local university research paper (UTM), selling it cheaper so the local farmers can benefits from the bull market trends..I have used few product to treat my pond's water quality and it works brilliantly...i recommending this product to all freshwater prawn grower and i will promote these products here at my blog... the brand is MAS HITAM and it proves to benefit my farming technique..

will post a banner here soon with some details and price...these organic fertiliser not only suitable for aquaculture but could easily increase the production of palm oil trees, fertigation and vegetables...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

major point to consider in start up a udang galah farm

as promised in my earlier post, i would like to start giving an article how to start / setting up a profitable small freshwater prawn farm ( 2 to 10 acres ). i would only discuss major vital factors that could lead to a successful farm including management of sustainable farming practice..

  1. location of farm
  2. capital
  3. ponds
  4. prawn larvae supply
  5. water quality
  6. feed
  7. farm management
  8. harvest
  9. market your freshwater prawn
  10. commercial factors / cash inflow outflow
  11. long term GOAL of business
i will elaborate more on the importance of choosing the best location of your pond in the next you can benefit in a long run than just temporary luck...please refer my earlier post for some of the subject

Sunday, April 5, 2009

udang galah enemy

its been 2 weeks since the baby udang galah was release into our pond, but immediately after the event, we notice lot of small fish (seluang) are swimming inside the pond, this could be a disaster.

we call our friend at trueaqua and searching from others for how to remove or kill those fish, finally we agreed to try the tea seed powder, but the outcome are not very good ( used exactly as instructed by the manufacturer ).

the tea seed was not suppose to have effect to the prawn, instead they should bring damaged to the fish gills and make them suffocate lah, but our findings are : our bigger prawn died! almost 200 of them..sigh

so please do not use the tea seed powder when you still culturing / ternak the udang galah inside the pond, i think we should use it before releasing the baby freshwater prawn, if you prefer using organic products.

will update pictures soon